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The Theory Test
The Theory test is a screen-based test, and consists of two parts. It has been devised to test the knowledge of driving theory, in particular the rules of the road and best driving practice.

The first part of the theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You select your answers for this part of the test by simply touching the screen. This 'touch screen' has been carefully designed to make it easy to use.

The questions will cover a variety of topics relating to road safety, the environment and documentation. Only one question will appear on the screen at a time. Most questions will ask you to mark one correct answers from the a selection, but this is shown clearly on the screen. If you try to move on without marking the correct number of answers you'll be reminded that more answers are needed.

To answer, you need to touch the box alongside the answer or answers you think are correct. If you change your mind and don't want that answer to be selected, touch it again. You can then choose another answer. Take you time and read the questions carefully. You're given 57 minutes for this part of the test, so relax and don't rush.

Some questions will take longer to answer than others, but there are no trick questions. The time remaining is displayed in the screen.

You'll be able to move backwards and forwards through the questions and you can also 'flag' questions that you?d like to look at again. It's easy to change your answer If you want to. Try to answer all the questions. If you're well prepared you shouldn't find them difficult.

Before you finish this part of the test, if you have time, you can use 'review' feature to check your answers. If you want to finish your test before the full time, touch the 'review' button and then the 'end' button on the review screen. When the touch the review button you will see the following screen.

Hazard Perception
After a break of up to 3 minutes the hazard perception part will start. You will be shown a tutorial video first. This uses a sample footage with a sound track(headphones supplied), which will explain how to complete this part of the test. You may repeat the tutorial once more if you wish.

The test consists of 14 video clips each lasting about 1 minute. The clips feature various hazards such as vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and road conditions. You should respond by pressing a mouse button as soon as you see a hazard developing that may result in you the driver having to take some action such as changing speed or direction. The earlier the developing hazard is spotted and the response made on the mouse the higher the score.

Candidates can score up to 5 marks on each hazard with one of the clips containing 2 hazards with a total possible score of 75. The pass mark for this part of the test is 44 out of 75 for car drivers and motorcycle riders.

Candidates are given their results when they have finished both parts of the test and have returned to the waiting room. If you pass you will be given a Theory Pass Certificate.

The cost of taking the theory test is £23.

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