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Fraser's Driving School - Pupil Feedback

Aaron Moore passed 17th September 2013.
Got Frasers number from my mate who knew him from school. Felt right at ease with him straight away. Didn't feel under any pressure while learning to drive. Enjoyed my lessons and can't thank home enough for getting me ready for my test.

Rebecca Robson passed 11th February 2013
Was the most nervous person when learning to drive. Fraser kept making me laugh and put me at ease. Learning to drive with him was great. Wouldn't have passed first time if it wasn't for Fraser.

Ben Connelly passed first attempt 19th February 2013
Would recommend Fraser to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Took time to make sure I was ready to sit my test.

James Abercrombie 20th February 2013
passed day after my mate Ben we both learned to drive with Fraser. It was great the way he kept encouraging me and what made it better was I passed first time. That's both me and my brother Jai that are now drivers thanks to Fraser

Andrew Burns passed 28th February 2013
Was taking lessons with someone else and my mates were passing their tests with Fraser. I swapped to Fraser and found he had me ready for my test in no time. Three of us now on the road thanks to Fraser

Steven Gibson assed first time on 18th March 2013
Got Frasers number from my friends that were learning to drive with him. Got on well with him straight away, really put me at ease. I'm now the forth person in my group of friends that passed first time thanks to Fraser

Sarah Jane Treacy passed first time on 28th March 2013.
Can't thank Fraser enough learning was fun and enjoyable

Cameron Hutton passed 8th April 2013
Would recommend Fraser to anyone wishing to learn to drive

Gary Shearer passed first time on 23rd April 2013
Known Fraser for years. Made learning easy thanks to Fraser I passed at my first attempt

Stephanie Donaldson passed first time on 29th April 2013.
Enjoyed learning with Fraser. I was really nervous but he made sure I was we'll prepared for my test

Linda Thomas passed 10 th June 2103
Thanks to Fraser I was more than ready to sit my test. I have to say sorry for all my moods teaching a pregnant lady to drive couldn't have been easy lol

Theresa Hogg passed 19th July 2013
Where do I start had 5 previous instructors none which put me at ease like Fraser did. None of the others got me anywhere near test standards. I must admit I wasn't the most confident of learners. Fraser really showed belief in me and never once stopped encouraging me. He kept telling me I'de pass my test. I think he made me laugh my way through lessons. Suddenly I was really enjoying learning to drive. I was ready for my test and his words of encouragement help me pass. I would recommend Fraser to everyone.

Daniel Jack Passed 8th January 2013
I'd like to thank Fraser for getting me through my driving test. I was so nervous when I first started my lessons. Fraser always encouraged me to keep going. On the day of my test I was so nervous but Fraser kept telling me I'd be OK. I'm so glad I chose Frasers Driving School.

Jack Fraser passed 10th January 2013
Fraser made learning to drive easy and fun. Nothing was too much trouble for him. I had a bit of a problem with my theory and he took time to show me on his ipad how to do the hazard perception part of the test. I feel I wasn't taught to pass a test but I was taught how to drive properly.

Finlay White passed 22nd nov 2012
I'de like to say thanks to Fraser, his calm teaching manner was one of the main reasons i found learning to drive such an enjoyable experiance.

Stacie Burgess passed 2nd oct 2012
I swapped from my original driving instructor to Fraser after hearing about him from my friend who passed. After a couple of lesson with him I felt my confidence had grown greatly and i found his way of teaching was enjoyable and fun. He took the time to explain things to me and let me practice till I was comfortable. At no time did I feel under any pressure.

Darryl MacFie passed 1st oct 2012
thanks to Fraser I passed my driving test at the first attempt. I was a very nervous driver when I first started my lessons but Fraser took time to build up my confidence and by the time i sat my test I felt i was well prepared and confident. I feel he taught me to drive not just to pass my test.

Jordan Howie passed 29th oct 2012
I went to Fraser for driving lessons because my cousin passed his driving test with him. He made lessons enjoyable and was great at making me feel at ease during my lessons.

Ross Millar passed 7th oct 2012
passed first time thanks to Fraser. Great instructor, never once felt under any pressure with him.

Kenny Young passed 27th oct 2012
done an intensive course in London and failed my test, Heard about Fraser from family up in Dalkeith. I had booked my test in Musselburgh as i felt knowing the roads at home was a better idea. Fraser first met me on the Wednesday and I passed easily on the Saturday. After my first 4hrs with him I realised I hadnt been ready for my test the first time in London. His hard work and intensive traing over the next few days had me ready for my test. On the morning of my test he had me believing I would pass my test. I honestly felt I was a safer and more confident driver.

Rory MacKenzie passed 31st oct 2012
Fraser put me at ease straight away. He took the time to make the lessons fun and enjoyable.

Jayne Steele passed 22nd oct 2012
nervous wasnt the word about how i felt when i had my first lesson. By the end of my first lesson my nerves had gone and i was looking forward to my next lesson. nothing was a problem for Fraser he took his time to make sure i was at ease with everything and that i full understood what he was teaching me. i feel i was taught to drive not just taught to pass my passed first time lol

Lauren Whithead passed 15th sept 2012
how nervous was I lol, thanks to Frasers teaching and his sence of humour I really looked forward to my lessons. Taught to drive not just taught to pass a test is how i felt when i went to sit my test.......was still nervous though lol.

Claire Margetts passed 4th sept 2012
had taken lessons previously with another instructor and i gave up because i felt under so much pressure with him. my friend passed first time with Fraser and said he was very nice and she never once elt under pressure when he taught her. after a couple of lessons my confindence was great and my lessons wer know something to look forward to. learning was fun, Fraser put me so much at ease. I wouldnt have passed first time if it hadnt been for him.

Adele Moore passed 25th april 2012
first sat my test years ago and failed. never thought ide learn to drive, i was to nervous to even try. years later thought it was time to try again got in touch with Fraser and explained how i felt about driving and how nervous i was. after a few lessons i was getting on great. there were a few times i wanted to give up but Fraser kept encouraging me to continue. i kept going and i passed. due to him keeping me going and not letting me give up gave me the confidence to pass. nothing was to much trouble for him and im sure hes got more grey hairs because of me. i cant thank him enough. ide recomend Frasers Driving School to any one wanting to learn to drive.

Stacey Storie - Passed 7th Nov 2011
Learning with Fraser was so relaxing and i never once felt under any pressure. I looked forward to my lessons and he always encouraged my even when things were not going well. Ide like to thank him for getting me ready to pass my test and for him teaching me to drive safely.

Sandra Jamieson - passed 24th october 2011

As a very nervous puplil I was put at ease on my first lesson with Fraser. He took his time explaing things to me and made the lessons fun and stress free for me. his encouragement and constant praise help me pass my test.

Sam Cowe- passed 21st sept 2011
Fraser took time to explain things clearly and made it easy for me to understand. he let me learn at a pace i was happy with. at no time did he put me under any pressure.

Charlie Watt - passed 21st dec 2011
Fraser was recommended to me by my frien who also had passed her test with him. Straight from our first lesson i felt at total ease with him.Learning was fun and i was so at ease with driving by the time of my test. i went for my test knowing i was more than ready for it. thanks Fraser

Donna Malko - passed 7th feb 2012
Nervous, chatty and pregnant thats what Fraser had to put up with from me. some how he still managed to put me at ease and make learning fun. he encouraged me all the time and had me confident and more than ready by my test date.

Lauren O'flaherty - passed 7th jun 2011
I was so nervous when i went for my first lesson. when it was over i couldnt wait for my nest one Fraser put me right at ease and he encouraged me from the start. he took time to explain things so i understood them.

Fraser MacKay - passed 21st march 2012
A fter teaching my sister to drive i thought ide give him an easier challange by teaching me. Fraser was always encouraging me and taking his time to explain things clearly to me. Fraser was always updating his traing methods during the period i was learning with him. the information and his comnication skills were excellent. the use of the apps on his I-PAD made things very simple to understand.

Harry Tranent - passed 28th march 2012
L earning with Fraser was so easy. his encouragement and teaching metods were excellent. his in car theory training was a great help . the use of his I-PAD and the apps he uses are first class. i would advise anyone who wanted to learn to drive to try Frasers Driving School'

Due to my previous instructor finishing up I had to find a new instructor. He recommended Fraser to me. My test was already booked and changing instructor was the last thing I wanted to do. On meeting Fraser I felt totally at easy with him. After my first lesson it was like I had been taught with him from the start.

I hadn’t driven a car for about 10 years. I contacted Fraser to see if I could book some refresher lessons. Fraser put me right at ease at my first lesson. He built my confidence up and took all the time I needed to get things right again. After my course of lessons my confidence was back and I was able to start driving on my own without any worries.

I was taking lessons with another instructor and felt I was getting nowhere fast. Fraser was recommended to me by a friend. I switched instructor and my driving improved rapidly. Fraser made each lesson enjoyable and he took the time to explain things to me and also allowed me all the time I needed to practice. My lessons were now enjoyable and I think this helped me learn more quickly.

I only met fraser an hour before my test. My instructor was unable to take me as something had cum up. He contacted Fraser who arranged his diary so he could take me on my test. He put my at ease straight away.

Taking lessons with Fraser one of the easiest things I have ever had to do. Lessons were well orginised informative and always enjoyable.

Felt at ease with Fraser right from the start. He was always reliable and was very patient. I always enjoyed my lesson and always left feeling I had learned something.

Fraser helped making learning to drive fun and enjoyable. I’ve known him for years and he took the time to explain things to me and he let me practice until I was confident in what I was doing. I always felt safe when I was learning with him.

Got Frasers number from a friend. As soon as I met him I felt I had known him for ages. Made me feel totally relaxed and safe. Lessons were enjoyable and I felt after every lesson that I had learned something. He made learning to drive fun, safe and very enjoyable.

Started learning with fraser and found him to be a very good teacher. He took time to explain things to me and made me understand how he was teaching me to drive not teaching me just to pass my test. Felt totally relaxed in his company and learning with him was very enjoyable.

Fraser took the time to explain and teach me how to drive safely. I felt I was never rushed and was able to learn at a pace that suited me. The lessons were always carried out in a relaxed, fun but professional way. Getting on with Fraser was never a problem, he always took time to make sure I was happy and confident about my driving.

KEVIN ANGELINI Passed 8/9/10 at Musselburgh, from Leith.
Learning with Fraser was an enjoyable. he took the time to put explain every thing and he had a great way of explaining things. He made my lessons enjoyable and he was very calm every time he took me for a lesson.

ANDY GORDON, Passed 9/9/10 at Musselburgh from Musselburgh.
I was put in touch with Fraser my sister. I was previously learning with an other instructor and I was finding that learning to drive had become a bit of a chore. After a few lessons with Fraser I started to enjoy learning to drive again. His lessons were structured and I felt I had learned something new at the end of each lesson. His patience made me feel at ease.

ANDREW NEIL - Prestonpans - Passed Haddington 25/8/10
Learning with Fraser was very enjoyable and fun. Everything was explained so I could understand it and I really enjoyed being taught by Fraser. Nothing seemed to be a problem and he never got flustered. Ide just like to say a big thanks to him.

CAROLINE - Liberton - Passed Currie 6/10/10
Patient, Reliable and a good driving instructor is how I'de describe Fraser. I enjoyed my lessons with Fraser he made sure I was taught to drive safely not just taught to pass my test. But I did pass first time thanks to him.


KIRSTEEN MACDONALD - Newtongrange Passed 13/10/10 @ Musselburgh
Passed first time. Learning with Fraser was easy because he took time to explain things to me and he let me practice till I was ready.

LEIGH SNEDDON - Bonnyrigg Passed 13/10/10 @ Musselburgh
Had a few attempts at my test before I started to learn with Fraser. My main problem was on test day I just got so nervous. Fraser took time to build up my confidence and he made sure that I went for my test knowing I was good enough to pass.

JAI ABERCROMBIE - Edinburgh Passed 14/10/10 @ Musselburgh
I was very nervous when I first started my driving lessons but Fraser let me have all the time I needed to overcome my nerves. Fraser made learning to drive fun and I really looked forward to my lessons. Nothing was to much trouble for him as he explained everything so I found it easy to understand. By the day I went for my test Fraser had managed to build up my confidence and he had taught me everything I needed to know. Passing was made easier by learning with Fraser.

LYNDSAY ANDERSON - Newtonvillage Passed 1/11/10 @ Musselburgh
My uncle was teaching me to drive as he was an ex driving instructor but due to him having to go abroad to work I was left with a test date, not done much on manoeuvres and no instructor. I contacted Fraser who managed to fit me in at short notice. With his help I got ready for my test and went for it full of confidence. The way he took time to explain things to me was excellent.

TONY WALKER - Newtongrange Passed 9/11/10 @ Musselburgh
Started learning with Fraser who stays in the same village as me. He took time to explain things and he let me practice things so that I felt comfortable. I felt Fraser let me learn at a pace that suited me and that he could be flexible with my lesson if I need to spend time on certain things. Learning was enjoyable and I looked forward to my lessons.

DECLAN MCKENZIE - Bonnyrigg Passed 16/11/10 @ Musselburgh
Got in touch with Fraser after my mate Chris passed his test with him. I felt Fraser always took the time to let me practice driving at a pace I was happy learning at, He never rushed a lesson and often insisted we got things right before we finished each lesson, even if it ment going over my allotted time. Fraser never made me feel awkward or uneasy he has so much patience its unreal. Never flustered and always calm and that's the way he teaches. Thanks for everything Dec.

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